asphalt crack repair

Enjoy a Smooth Ride to Work in Lansing or Okemos, MI

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If water lingers on your pavement, it can seep into asphalt cracks and:

  • Worsen the damage
  • Create potholes
  • Disrupt the flow of traffic to and from your business

Easy Mark Striping & Sealcoating provides asphalt crack repair, asphalt paving & asphalt patching. We'll patch up your asphalt lot with hot rubber so you and your patrons will have a smooth ride to and from your establishment. Our team will not only repair your asphalt, but we'll also improve your pavement's longevity.

We'll Help Protect Your Pavement With Asphalt Patching

Water, hot weather, tree roots, oil and heavy vehicles can all damage your parking lot and asphalt driveway. Easy Mark Striping & Sealcoating knows how to repair any damages your asphalt has suffered. If your asphalt is severely cracked, we'll pave it for you. We'll assess the damage when we arrive and let you know which option would best benefit you.

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